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Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer, a serious pest of ash trees has been confirmed Walworth County and several other counties of Southeast Wisconsin. Homeowners can take steps to provide their trees with a measure of security but it must be done proactively.

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Strong Women Exercise Classes

The Strong Women Program is a fun, hands-on way to make positive changes to help you move more, eat better, meet new people, and improve your general health and well-being. A weekly exercise program for men and women of all ages, classes will include progressive weight training, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, balance activities, and nutrition education.

4-H Music Fest

4-H Music Fest 2015!

We listen to our favorite music on our phones or iPods. Some of us may be great shower singers or tap some mean rhythms while we sit in a meeting or in class. Bands, Choirs, Dance Studios, 4-H… WHAT?! 4-H?! Think about it… 4-H is a gathering of extremely talented youth. Livestock, cooking, art, and yes, MUSIC! 4-H offers the opportunity to showcase your talents with MUSIC FEST! Click here to read more about 4-H Music Fest 2015!


Walworth County Radon Poster Contest

Walworth County Division of Public Health is pleased to announce the first ever county wide Radon Poster Contest for children in 4th-8th grades. The goals of the contest are to raise awareness about the harmful effects of elevated levels of indoor radon gas and to increase the number of homes tested for radon. Any child in grades 4th-8th that lives or attends school in Walworth County is eligible to participate.


Sensational Soups

What is the difference between bisque, bouillabaisse, and borscht? Whether you are a soup connoisseur or a beginner, join us for an informational workshop covering how soup is part of a healthy diet, soup-making tips, and how to create tasty soups.

Freezer to Table

From Freezer to Table: Preparing Freezer Meals for Your Family

When you get home from work, do you struggle to decide what to make? Is time an issue for your family? Do you want to add more variety to your meals? The NEW From Freezer to Table workshop is an opportunity for you to prepare tasty meals that you can take home with you to freeze or eat right away.