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4-H Volunteers

Contact 4-H staff with questions at 262-741-4951.

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Current Committee Membership

Awards Committee

Northeast District:
Kay Dowding
Barb Sommers
Dianne Kegley

Northwest District:
Debra Shears
Pat Tierney
Linda Giorno

Central District:
Marlene Schoenbeck
Richard Morgan
Caroline Cornelison

Southeast District:
Bonnie Cornue
Chris Jones

Southwest District:
Lisa Decker
Laura VanderVeen

House of Pork Leadership

Laurie Giorno, Treasurer
Bonnie Kruizenga, Fair
Susan Clark, Flea Markets
Also includes all Adult and Youth District Representatives.

Expansion & Review Committee

Tammy Cadman 
Emily Cadman
Travis Cadman
Quentin Cauffman
Diane Cooper
Sharon & Neives Gonzalez
Lorie Knoll
Letha Kuecker
Cole Radtke
Brittany Rambatt
Kelly Strait
Kathy Tober
Bill Trewyn

Futures Committee

Cathy Duesterbeck, Chair
Kathie Benhart
Carol Henningfeld
Laura VanderVeen
Mary Sterken

Project Provide

Madison Vander Veen 
Laura Vander Veen
Caroline Cornelison
Quentin Cauffman
Shar Fellmeth
Travis Fellmeth
Emily Cadman
Brittany Rambatt
Letha Kuecker
Deanna Quast
Kay Dowding
Donna Kundert

Softball Commission

Mark Worland, Vice Chair
Barb Dowty, Director
Ken Baerwald, Director
Charles Dowty, Jr Leader Rep
Evelyn Harkness, Jr Leader Rep
Nancy Lee, Sr Leader Rep

Shooting Sports

Wally McManaway
Robert Arnold
Robert Burton
Jerry Fassbender
Kathleen Tober
Bill Trewyn
Wendy Hanson
Bill Knilans
Dale Grzenia
Lenny Faytus
James Nerud
David Casciaro
Alec Iseppon
Richard Netzinger


Beef Committee

Doc Sterken, Jr Dept Supt
Larry Plapp, FFA Advisor
Ryan Holle, FFA Advisor
Tom Cook, Adult Rep
Jeff Frie, Adult Rep
Marlene Siegler, Adult Rep
Lance Ellsworth, Adult Rep
Jereme Siegler, Youth Rep
Emma Brost, Youth Rep

Cat Committee

Ashley VanSchyndel, Key Leader
Mariah Anderson

Dairy Committee

Lisa Konkel, Jr Dept Supt, FFA Advisor

Dog Committee

Shelly Weeks, Key Leader
Lisa Doane, Adult Rep
Denise Schneider, Adult Rep
Heidi Sorenson, Adult Rep
Youth Reps include all  interested youth age 14 and older

Goat Committee

Susan Earle, Jr Dept Supt
Joan Goedland, Adult Rep
Cathy Jacques, Adult Rep
Steve Loudenbeck, Adult Rep
Don Luth, Adult Rep
Jerry Meiners, Adult Rep
Rob Radzwilowicz, Adult Rep
Mike Wells, Adult Rep
Seth Loudenbeck, Youth Rep
Hannah Loudenbeck, Youth Rep
Hannah Earle, Youth Rep
Audrey Earle, Youth Rep
Andrew Slack, Youth Rep
Justin Wells, Youth Rep
Madelyn Goedland, Youth Rep
Anna Goedland, Youth Rep
Julia Gilstrap, Youth Rep
Stephanie Anderson, Youth Rep
Caleb Hembree, Youth Rep

Horse & Pony Committee

Jeff Markham, President
Donna Kundert, Key Leader
Ashley VanSchyndel
Colin Horlacher
Sandra Hill, Adult Rep
Tammy Atkinson, Adult Rep
Christine Pogreba, Adult Rep
Elizabeth Heine, Adult Rep
Jessica Nehs, Youth Rep
Amanda Horlacher, Youth Rep
Gia Reeves, Youth Rep
Melissa Schneider, Youth Rep
Julie Kavanagh, Youth Rep
Shannon Pogreba, Youth Rep

Pets Committee

Alice Gott, Key Leader
Kathy Combs, Asst. Key Leader
Jackie Sybesma, Adult Rep
Kelsey Combs, Youth Rep
Tiffany Gott, Youth Rep
Hayley Pekala, Youth Rep
Youth Reps include all  interested youth, ages 14 and older.

Rabbit Committee

Jackie Hahlbeck, Jr Dept Supt
Sheryl Anderson, Key Leader
Kelly Jaeck, Secretary
Bruce Houghtby, Treasurer
Nancy Papenfus, Adult Rep
Margaret Vacula, Adult Rep
Jacob Hahlbeck, Youth Rep
Allyson Jaeck, Youth Rep
Maggie Vacula, Youth Rep
All Rabbit Project youth are welcome to be representatives.

Sheep Committee

Tim Ehlen, Jr Dept Supt
David Kruse, FFA Advisor
Maura Weiners, Adult Rep
Jason Johnson, Adult Rep
Jeri Smith, Adult Rep
Kimberly Collins, Adult Rep
Andy Sorg, Youth Rep
John Sorg, Youth Rep

Swine Committee

Jim Henriott, Jr Dept Supt
Marty Speth, FFA Advisor
Nieves Gonzales, Adult Rep
Bryce Davis, Youth Rep
Morgan Henriott, Youth Rep



Richard Morgan, Key Leader

Child Development

Deborah Nehs, Key Leader


Caroline Cornelison, Key Leader
Betty Barr

Clothing/Looking Good

Cathy Duesterbeck, Key Leader
Virgina Carlson, Adult Rep
Jackie Sybesma, Adult Rep


Kathie Benhart, Co Key Leader
Carol Henningfeld, Co Key Leader


Kathie Benhart


Mariah Anderson, Key Leader


Kerry Jenkins, Key Leaders
Sandy Jenkins

Equine Education

Torell Geffers
Heidi Hall


Kathie Benhart, Co Key Leader
Carol Henningfeld, Co Key Leader

Food & Nutrition & Health

Laurie Giorno, Co Key Leader
Sally Morgan, Co Key Leader

Food Preservation

Marlene Schoenbeck, Key Leader

Home Environment

Bonnie Cornue, Key Leader

International Program

Caroline Cornelison, Key Leader
Betty Barr

Knitting & Crocheting

Nancy Lee, Key Leader

Natural Science

Kathleen Tober, Key Leader
Wendy Hanson


Linda Amann, Key Leader

Plant Science & Flowers, Houseplants, Home Grounds

Marlene Schoenbeck, Key Leader
Letha Kuecker


Sam Dowding, Youth Advisor

Scale Models

Keith Reimers, Key Leader
Richard Morgan

Theatre Arts

Caroline Cornelison


Kerry Jenkins, Key Leaders
Sandy Jenkins

Vet Science

Judy Paul, Key Leader

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