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Have a gardening question?

Contact Chrissy Wen, your Horticulture Educator with UW Cooperative Extension in Walworth County.

Chrissy Wen
Horticulture Educator
Walworth County UW-Extension
100 W. Walworth Street
P.O. Box 1001
Elkhorn, WI 53121
Phone: 262-741-4958
Fax: 262-741-4955

Please stop by the office, call, or email with any horticulture related questions!

Recent Horticulture Posts

Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas & Applications

Wisconsin’s Farm Fresh Atlases showcase nearly 400 farms and about 250 farmers’ markets in annual publications, with the number of listings increasing every year.  All farms, markets, and businesses in the atlases pledge to work toward more sustainable agricultural and business practices, like fair treatment of farm workers, animals, and the environment. By providing 200,000 […]

Remaining 2016 Farm Technology Days’ Funds Available For Grants

Walworth County UW-Extension would like to thank everyone who showed their support at this year’s Farm Technology Days. Over 30,000 people attended this agricultural trade show visiting with the over 600 vendors and taking tours of the state of the dairty farm as well as farm city elevator in Zenda. This trade show takes place […]

Great Gardens

Spring is nearing!!!  Discover gardening techniques that will help your garden thrive and learn how to manage several insects and diseases that are out there.  Chrissy Wen, University of Wisconsin-Extension Horticulture Educator, will discuss best practices for both the vegetable garden and your landscape!   April 6, 2017 at 4:00, East Troy Village Hall

Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer, a serious pest of ash trees has been confirmed Walworth County and several other counties of Southeast Wisconsin. Homeowners can take steps to provide their trees with a measure of security but it must be done proactively.

Gypsy Moth

Have you seen these moths around? They may be more harmful to your trees than you think! Find out more at the Gypsy Moth in Wisconsin website.

Brown Evergreens?

This past winter was particularly hard on evergreen trees and shrubs.  This spring it’s been a common sight to see evergreens with brown needles which is a sign of Winter Burn.  The University of Minnesota has a great article to help learn more about Winter Burn and how to deal with plants that are effected by it.

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