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junio Fit Families Boletín

Es hora de otro boletín mensual de Fit Families. ¡Hace calor afuera! ¡Recuerde mantenerse activo y tener cuidado! No toma mucho tiempo afuera en el sol para calentarse o deshidratarse. Bebe mucha agua para mantenerte hidratado. Si te aburres con agua, siempre puedes hacer una agua fresca con fruta o pepino, menos la azucar. ¡Hay […]

June Fit Families Newsletter/Farmer’s Market Checks

It’s time for another monthly Fit Families Newsletter. It’s warm outside! Remember to stay active and safe! It does not take a lot of time out there in the sun to get too warm or dehydrated. Drink plenty of water, to stay hydrated. If you get bored with water, you can always make some infused […]

May Fit Families Newsletter/Boletín de Fit Families

The sun is out and so are “Fit Families”! It’s time to get ready for some yummy warm weather treats and activities. Do you know what is really good? Oranges! There is a really delicious recipe for an orange smoothie inside the newsletter. What a special treat! You can also try some crisp, refreshing orange […]

Jardín Comunitario/Community Garden

¡Preparate para la temporada 2018 del Jardín Comunitario! Si el clima lo permite, el Jardín estará activo el 18 de mayo. No se pierda esta gran oportunidad de tener su propio jardín en uno de nuestros 45 lotes. Todos los jardineros estan muy ánimados y listos para disfrutar del sol, la siembra y la cosecha. […]

FoodWIse Newsletter/FoodWIse boletín

Welcome to a new FoodWIse Newsletter In this newsletter, you can find information on how to enhance your meals with some nutrition! Fruits and vegetables not only add great flavor, they also add delicious color to your meal. Dig in to this newsletter to get some great ideas on mixing up your favorite dishes! Nutrition […]

February Fit Families Newsletter

Spring is around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about the family vegetable garden! Will you grow the same vegetables and/or fruits as last year? Or will you try something different this year? Have a fussy kid at the table? Try offering them different things and have fun with them. Food should not be […]


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